About Genome Barks

Genome Barks is the dog food’s reference point. We provide the best possible solutions for your best friend.

In our attempt to help our dog JOY, we immersed ourselves in the world of canine nutrition. It wasn’t long before we realized that so many things about dogs are either unknown or misunderstood.

We wanted to dive deep into his nutrition in order to help him.

We soon discovered that there is a huge difference in food quality between competing brands, then it became clear that not all brands are created equally.

Researching on how we can help our furry friends with dietary needs has been an interesting journey.

While on our journey, during many online discussions with fellow dog owners we realized that thousands of them were facing all sorts of problems when it comes to the nutrition for their dogs. The information you can find online isn’t always science backed and this was something which really concerned us.

The content we publish on this site is written or overseen by qualified vets and vet techs.