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About Genome Barks

Welcome to the first post of GenomeBarks! This blog is dedicated to our beloved dog Onyx. He is an F1BB Black Mini Goldendoodle. Onyx made me fall in love with Doodles and especially mini Goldendoodles.

Onyx is a beautiful dog. He loves to run and play fetch. Onyx loves people and gets along with other dogs very well. He loves to be petted and will often lay his head in your lap. He is a very special dog. I’ve owned other dogs before but never a Doodle. I would definitely recommend a Doodle to anyone who is thinking about getting a new dog.

I am dedicated to giving our readers the best possible information about Doodles, Goldendoodles, and especially mini Goldendoodles through this blog. I hope you enjoy reading it!


Onyx is a black F1bb Goldendoodle, and this is his online home.