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Can You Really Afford Mini Goldendoodle? Read This First

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How much did you spend on your mini Goldendoodle? how much do mini golden doodles cost? Mini Golden doodle lovers are constantly asking you to share the information if you are a parent of one.

Okay, if you guys ask me how much does a miniature Goldendoodle cost? I feel that it’s necessary to inform you of both the upfront and recurring costs associated with owning a miniature golden doodle.

So, I have done all the hard work for you guys and provided a complete game plan in the article that is created specifically for you.

I’ll outline the up-front cost of getting your tiny golden doodle and those ongoing expenses. My mini Goldendoodle journey has been among the most enjoyable things I’ve done.

I’m aiming to save you time, energy, and money by letting you know what it’s like to get a small pup.

Starting with the upfront expense how much exactly does your miniature Goldendoodle cost?

Mini Goldendoodles Cost Chart

The mini Goldendoodles cost chart will help you understand your journey of becoming the parent of this beautiful furry pup.

Table of Content:

Mini Goldendoodle Price
Breeder Price of Mini Goldendoodle
Pet Store Price of Mini Goldendoodle
Adoption Price of Mini Goldendoodle
How Colors, Coats, and Gender Affect
mini Golden Doodle Price
How much Health Care and Vaccinations cost for mini Goldendoodle? 
Shot & Checkups
Spaying & Neutering
Routine Health Care
For Emergency Treatments
How much is the food cost of mini Goldendoodles?
Apartment Complex Fee
Initial Pet Fee
Monthly Ongoing Pet Fee
How much is Grooming cost of mini Goldendoodle?
How Much is the Training Cost of mini Goldendoodle?
How much Boarding and Daycare for mini Goldendoodle cost?
How much Accessories of mini Goldendoodle Cost?

Mini Goldendoodle Price

Well, this one depends on so many other things. Such as where you live.

Which breeder are you purchasing from?  Is the breeder reputable? 

What kind of Mini Goldendoodle do you want? Do you prefer an F1 or F1b generation Mini Goldendoodle? F1 is a type of hybrid between a Golden Retriever and a Poodle that is a first-generation original.

Do you want a domestic or foreign puppy? These are all the elements that go into the Mini Goldendoodle price.

Can you really afford mini Goldendoodle?

The typical price range for a tiny golden doodle where we reside is around $2,000. 

Do your research in your area and you might wish to spread it to other areas since prices might vary substantially depending on all those things. Even in some parts of the US, for instance,  Los Angeles, Missouri prices are as high as $6,000 and $8,000.  Because doing so might be less expensive, but you should absolutely choose a reliable breeder in that area. 

Make sure your breeder is respectable and avoid buying shady animals from sites like Craigslist and puppy mills because this little dude will be your companion for life.

Plan for your initial Mini Goldendoodles cost to be at least $2,000 while also taking into account the expense of travel.  

Breeder Price of Mini Goldendoodle:

How much do mini Goldendoodles cost if we buy from a breeder? The cost of a Mini Goldendoodle from a breeder can range anywhere from $2,000 to $5,000, and possibly more. This price will depend on the reputation of the breeder, as well as the cost of breeding and raising the puppies.

Many breeders charge a premium for Mini Goldendoodles because they are in high demand. Additionally, breeders who have a reputation for producing high-quality dogs are likely to charge more for their puppies, as they invest time and resources into breeding and raising their dogs to a high standard.

Pet Store Price of Mini Goldendoodle:

How much are mini Goldendoodles If buy from a Pet store? Another option for obtaining a Mini Goldendoodle is to purchase one from a pet store. Pet stores typically offer a lower price than breeders, but it’s important to understand that pet store puppies may not come with the same guarantees as those purchased from a reputable breeder.

Additionally, pet stores often source their puppies from puppy mills, which are facilities that mass-produce puppies for sale. Puppies from these facilities are often raised in inhumane conditions and may have health or behavioral problems as a result.

Mini Goldendoodle cost

Adoption Price of Mini Goldendoodle:

How much is a mini Goldendoodle if we adopt one? A third option for obtaining a Mini Goldendoodle is to adopt one from a rescue organization. Adoption fees for Mini Goldendoodles typically range from $300 to $600 and often include the cost of vaccinations, spaying or neutering, and microchipping.

Adopting a Mini Goldendoodle from a rescue organization is a great way to provide a loving home to a dog in need, while also saving money on the cost of a puppy. Additionally, rescue organizations often have more information about the dog’s history and temperament, making it easier to find a good match for your family.

In conclusion, the cost of a Mini Goldendoodle can vary widely depending on where you purchase one, but it’s important to understand the factors that go into the final price tag. Whether you choose to purchase a puppy from a breeder, or pet store, or adopt one from a rescue organization, it’s important to find a Mini Goldendoodle that is a good match for your family and lifestyle and to provide it with the love, care, and attention it deserves.

How Colors, Coats, and Gender Affect mini Golden Doodle Price

Every dog lover desires a beautiful dog, and a dog’s color plays a significant role in this. The breeders are also aware of this, therefore they take full advantage of it because they ultimately need to make money. So the question is how much are miniature Goldendoodle of different colors?

Even pure colors can add $1,000 or more to a Goldendoodle’s already high price if they are unique for some reason

How much does a mini Goldendoodle cost extra if they are multi-colored?

A multi-colored mini Goldendoodle should generally cost between $2,500 to $4,5000 even more.

The coats of Goldendoodles may be straight, wavy, or curly.

Their shedding rate decreases as their coats get more curly. Curly coats are very prone to hypoallergenic behavior.

A tiny Goldendoodle with curly hair is therefore more in demand than one with wavy hair. So how much are mini Goldendoodle with curly hair compared to wavy, this thing you should negotiate with your breeder very tactfully. Try not to pay as higher as they demand. 

Goldendoodles with curly coats will typically be the most expensive.

As is the case with all dog breeds, female dogs are more expensive than males due to the possibility of having offspring. So how much is a miniature golden doodle female cost again varies from breeder to breeder some charge at least $500.

Therefore, another element that affects the price of your Goldendoodle is gender.

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How much Health Care and Vaccinations cost for mini Goldendoodle? 

The second-largest expense for most people is for their pets’ medical care and vaccines.

Since the first year will be relatively expensive, my veterinarian advised setting aside roughly $1,000 for the unseen.

Shot & Checkups:

It includes checkups getting his rabies shot Bordetella, Leptospira, and all related things.

It’s important to note that many breeders will include the cost of the first set of vaccinations in the purchase price of the puppy. However, it’s still important to budget for future vaccinations and has a plan for regular preventive care.

Spaying & Neutering:

However, you must also take into account the cost of spaying and neutering them, which might reach $1,000.

When getting your tiny Goldendoodle, make sure to consider the cost of spaying and neutering, which can range from $200 to $700 again depending on the area you live in.

Routine Health Care:

In addition to vaccinations, Mini Goldendoodles also require routine health care, such as regular check-ups, flea and tick preventives, and dental care. The cost of routine health care will depend on the age and size of your pet, as well as any pre-existing health conditions.

For example, a Mini Goldendoodle that is 7 years old and weighs 25 pounds will likely require more frequent check-ups and preventive care than a Mini Goldendoodle that is 2 years old and weighs 10 pounds,

For Emergency Treatments:

It’s a good idea to keep a tiny rainy day doodle fund of approximately $1,000 on hand in case they need any emergency procedures.

How much is the food cost of mini Goldendoodles?

How much is the food cost of mini goldendoodle

According to experts, depending on the type of food you stick with and what your breeder recommends, you should budget between $500 and $800 per year for your dog’s food.

The cost of food for a Mini Goldendoodle will depend on a variety of factors, such as the age, size, and activity level of your pet, as well as the type of food you choose to feed.

On average, the monthly cost of food for a Mini Goldendoodle can range from $40 to $100, depending on the factors mentioned above. For example, a Mini Goldendoodle that is 2 years old and weighs 10 pounds will likely require less food than a Mini Goldendoodle that is 7 years old and weighs 25 pounds.

Apartment Complex Fee

This is an optional expense that will be around the third largest one you’ll have. It depends on where you live in a home or an apartment complex.

Initial Pet Fee:

We have to pay one of those initial pet fees because we live in an apartment building our initial pet fee is $3,500.

Before you get your little furry companion, make sure to verify with your complex if you live in a complex because some are thousands of dollars.

Monthly Ongoing Pet Fee:

Once you have determined the initial pet fees, also find out the continuous monthly charge, which in our case is $40, you can simply include it in your budget.

Mini Goldendoodle price

How much is Grooming cost of mini Goldendoodle?

The very high grooming cost is one of the reasons why mini Goldendoodle is so expensive. In our case, if we don’t brush Onyx every other day then mats start appearing. In such a case, we are left with no other choice but to take him to the groomer.

Simply brushing your dog will significantly reduce the cost of grooming because it is one of our dog’s favorite activities. If you start doing this as soon as possible, you will likely wind up saving a lot of money on grooming.

Your dog certainly needs to be groomed for maintenance. Because they possess that stunning coat that is so curly, adorable, and extremely fluffy.

Grooming professionals advise taking them in for grooming every six to eight weeks.

Prices for groomers vary depending on where you live, in our area, they can range from $50 to $100. As a result, you may wish to budget between $350 and $500 each year for grooming, but it truly depends on your preferences.

On average, a basic grooming session, which includes bathing, brushing, and trimming can cost anywhere from $50 to $150, depending on the location and services provided. For example, a basic grooming session in a small town may cost $50, while a similar session in a large city may cost $100 or more.

How Much is the Training Cost of mini Goldendoodle?

When it comes to training, you’ll want to enroll your dog in some socialization and training sessions.

If you want to take your dog away for a week or two, you can take them to an overnight camp, which will cost you between $7,000 and $3,000 in total.

We aren’t doing that because we love being a part of Onyx’s training process and have time to do so. Instead, we are doing crate training and bell training at home.

You don’t have to take training lessons for your dog, because, there are some terrific methods to socialize your dog.  Training classes run from $50 to $150 per class so that all depends on your budget as well. If you wanna take five classes, the cost will probably be between 350 and 750 dollars.

mini golden doodle cost

How much Boarding and Daycare for mini Goldendoodle cost?

Let’s talk about boarding and daycare now. If you plan to be gone for more than eight hours each day, you certainly need a solution.

Daycare might be a fantastic choice. Depending on how frequently and for and how long you want to take your dog to daycare, you could want to budget anywhere from $25 to $100 per week.

Let’s talk about boarding and daycare choices. Boarding costs might range from $50 to $100 for day and night depending on your neighborhood.

Since childcare costs between $15 and $20 per day, the cost each night in our neighborhood is actually just about $25 to $30, which is average for Ohio.

It’s a pretty fantastic side note that many puppy daycare facilities have really early and extremely late hours because they are literally there for working parents.

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How much Accessories of mini Goldendoodle Cost?

You’ll need a collar, harness, leash, and poop bags. You may purchase those on Amazon, in a nearby pet store, Target, or Walmart. 

Poop bags are far more affordable on Amazon and are available in large quantities like 600 bags. I would set aside roughly $50 for all of those expenses.

Start with a little bundle package from Amazon when it comes to all the cute little toys, bones, sweaters, and other enjoyable items.

Avoid purchasing toys from pet stores since they are far too expensive; instead, you may get a bundle from Amazon for about $15 rather than paying between $10 and $15 for a single toy.

Sincerely, if he’s a young puppy and the weather is chilly, I would advise getting your dog a sweater. I purchased two jumpers on Amazon for about $30.

Oh goody big expenditure, have I scared you off yet from the mini golden dude?

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Hello, my name is Fred, and I'm pleased to be the father of Onyx, a black mini Goldendoodle. I work as a serial entrepreneur in the technology sector, and I enjoy writing about and sharing my experiences, especially with mini Goldendoodles.


Onyx is a black F1bb mini Goldendoodle, and this is his online home.

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