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Goldendoodle Sizes Explained: Standard Goldendoodle vs Mini Goldendoodle vs Medium Goldendoodle

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There are three main Goldendoodle sizes Medium Goldendoodles, Standard Goldendoodles, and Mini Goldendoodles, and they weigh 15 pounds to more than 70 pounds. They not only differ in size, but they also have different natures as well. Most of the generations of Goldendoodles have been created by backcrossing to a purebred Poodle to inherit most of The Poodles’ traits than The Golden Retrievers.

Let’s unriddle the different Goldendoodle sizes like Mini Goldendoodle Size Medium Goldendoodle size Standard Goldendoodle size.

The Goldendoodle is a unique hybrid breed that has been gaining popularity in recent years. The owners love them for their loyalty, happiness, and good natural qualities.

Although they are not registered with the American Kennel Club, they are still among the most loved dog breeds in the US and that makes them among the five most famous breeds owned by Americans in recent years. 

Something you would like to know about them is that there are different  Generations of Goldendoodles which could make them look like a more perfect addition to your family.

The small size of the Mini Goldendoodle may surprise most people because they naturally imagine the gentle personality of a Golden Retriever without having such a big frame. This isn’t always true though because there can be huge differences in Goldendoodle’s size depending on where they fall within one particular scale. Generally speaking, It is the smallest Goldendoodle size.

Goldendoodle Growth Chart:

Here’s a table that outlines the growth chart for Mini Goldendoodle, Standard Goldendoodle, and Medium Goldendoodle. Please note that this is just an approximate growth chart, and individual Goldendoodles may grow at a slightly different rate. It’s also important to note that proper nutrition, exercise, and healthcare are all important factors that contribute to the growth and health of your Goldendoodle.

-Goldendoodle weight chart in pounds

Weight Chart in Pounds
8 weeks6 Months12 Months
Mini Goldendoodle4-8 lb15-20 lb15-35 lb
Medium Goldendoodle8-12 lb25-35 lb30-45 lb
Standard Goldendoodle12-20 lb50-65 lb50-90 lb

-Goldendoodle height chart (at shoulders)

Height Chart in Inches
6 Months12 Months
Mini Goldendoodle10-12 Inches
(at shoulders)
13-20 Inches
(at shoulders)
Medium Goldendoodle14-16 Inches
(at shoulders)
17-21 Inches
(at shoulders)
Standard Goldendoodle20-22 Inches
(at shoulders)
22-26 Inches
(at shoulders)

The Goldendoodle size and the health-related issues are the main reason behind this backcrossing to The Poodle.

The size of the Golden Retriever does not vary too much. Although we have American Golden Retrievers, English Golden Retrievers, and some other varieties. The English Golden Retriever has a more box-like face than other Golden Retrievers. Breeders also cross the English Goldendoodle with the Miniature Poodle to get the Teddy  Bear Goldendoodles. 

Unlike the Golden Retriever, the Poodle comes in different sizes like Standard Poodle, Medium/Moyen Poodle, and Miniature/Toy Poodle.

Now you can understand why the Goldendoodles are backcrossed by Poodles. The one reason is very obvious to create different sizes of Goldendoodle breeds like Mini/Miniature Goldendoodles sometimes called Teacup Goldendoodles, Teddy Bear Goldendoodles, Standard Goldendoodles, and Medium Goldendoodles.

These breeds of Goldendoodles are not only different in size but they also have different natures, each breed is different in its own way.

The poodle is a popular breed of dog known for its intelligence, mental and physical agility, loyalty, and obedience. They have an incredibly excitable nature which makes them service dogs as well.

The dog breeders developed the miniature Poodle precisely for its small size and companionship. The Miniature Poodle is more attention seeker than any other breed of Poodles. They are less easygoing and more excitable than medium and standard Poodles.

The Miniature Poodle also known as The Toy Poodle was not bred to be a sporting dog, but rather came into existence when The Standard Poodle breed was reduced in size and developed into an extremely valuable dog for European royalty and elites

The Standard Poodle is another breed of Poodles. They are extremely intelligent dogs, more strongly built than The Miniature Poodle, therefore they are more active and skillful. Their obedience and trainability make them retrieving dogs they can especially retrieve water hunts.

They are varieties of Goldendoodle sizes and can be found from mini to medium and standard. You may want one that’s small or large, depending on your needs. These dogs are excellent for many families but it is important not only to consider their weight when deciding which dog breed would work best for you.

There are other factors like temperament and affordability as well to keep in mind before making any final decisions about adopting this adorable pooch into your life. The flexibility in Goldendoodle size offered by the Goldendoodle makes them an ideal breed to consider before you make your final decision to add a new member to your family. 

Differentiation among Goldendoodle sizes is a bit tricky and confusing at times. Different breeders have different definitions of each breed of Goldendoodles. Some breeders tend to divide them on the basis of their weight and others on different Goldendoodle sizes.

The standard Goldendoodle is supposed to weigh more than 50 pounds and anything below that would be considered the Mini Goldendoodle. The Teacup Goldendoodle can weigh as low as 10 to 12 pounds. But this is not a gold standard among the Goldendoodle breeders.

 Before making any buying decision, we recommend that you take the complete details of the puppy you are buying from your breeder. Sometimes it is also recommended that you take the details of the parents of your puppy. So you can better guess the height, weight, and other characteristics of your puppy.

Table Content:

  1. Standard Goldendoodle Size, Traits, and Characteristics
  2. Mini Goldendoodle Size, Traits, and Characteristics
  3. Medium Goldendoodle Size, Traits, and Characteristics

Standard Goldendoodle Size, Traits, and Characteristics

Standard Goldendoodle Size

The Standard Goldendoodle is the perfect mix of fun and beauty. They are very elegant dogs. They tend towards being easy going so their natural tendency is towards agility especially when it comes to jumping and playing.

They have a gentle demeanor like The Golden Retriever and The Standard Poodle. The Standard Goldendoodle weighs up to 50 pounds and its height reaches up to 20 inches.

Standard Goldendoodles are the perfect pets for active people. They’re known to be excellent jogging and hiking partners because of their stamina, but they also love napping when you need them to.

Their activity burst doesn’t last very long and eventually, they slow down a bit. You don’t need to be around them all the time, rather they prefer napping in their designated place. They won’t bother you for the company all the time like Mini Goldendoodles. They need time to restore their energy to be ready for another round of high activity.

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If you want to hold onto the Golden Retriever lineage while still getting the Poodle traits, the first generation crosses (F1) are the best option for you, where breeders crossbreed the Standard Poodle with the Golden Retriever.

The first-generation Standard Goldendoodles are big dogs just because their parents are of the same height. The first cross always has a hybrid vigor which makes the Standard Goldendoodle stronger than its purebred cousins. 

Standard Goldendoodle Size comparison

If you want to hold onto the Golden Retriever lineage while still getting the Poodle traits, the first generation crosses (F1) are the best option for you, where breeders crossbreed the Standard Poodle with the Golden Retriever.

The first-generation Standard Goldendoodles are big dogs just because their parents are of the same height. The first cross always has a hybrid vigor which makes the Standard Goldendoodle stronger than its purebred cousins.

The F1 Standard Goldendoodles are fairly high-shedding dogs and not fully hypoallergenic because they inherit 50 percent of DNA from the Golden Retriever which is a high-shedding dog.

Since Standard Goldendoodle’s ancestry was purely based on two service industry’s award-winning dogs. Consequently, one of the biggest advantages of these dogs is that they are good at what they do, they are highly trainable dogs.

They are very capable dogs not only as service animals but also as therapy ones too. These exceptional qualities make them invaluable for many people who need help every day.

They are not the best choice if you and your family are mainly looking for a guard dog, as they are not bred purely for this purpose. Standard Goldendoodles may not be the best breed for guard dogs, but somehow they make their presence felt through their size and booming barks.

Whether they can still give you that sense of protection and trust with their larger frames is debatable.

Standard Goldendoodle Size

On the one hand, the big frame of standard Goldendoodles gives you a sense of security and on the other hand, it is a big disadvantage too. Especially if you are traveling and you have space constraints. They might give you a hard time whether you are traveling by car or air. 

You might also have to bear the cost of an extra seat for your Standard Goldendoodle and some permission issues might bother you as well. Before you travel you need to talk to the airline regarding flying permissions and an ESA letter.

The other disadvantage of Standard Goldendoodles’ big size is that it can make them destructive too if you don’t set very strong boundaries. Standard Goldendoodles are a breed that can easily be trained to listen and follow instructions, but it’s important for their owners to start giving them commands from a very young age and not only set boundaries with this cute pup in mind.

The large size of these dogs means they could destroy furniture or other items if given too many opportunities at chewing on things around your house.

Standard Goldendoodles are a larger breed of dog and they have long tails too. Their tails move all the time just like a rattlesnake. The tails can easily reach dining tables and can be taller than most people’s beverage glasses.

Be very careful when you invite your guests over for dinner, you might end up with spilled wine or beer.

Standard Goldendoodle Size

So it’s no surprise that these dogs need some important things in life like space to run around, they are known for their energy and need to exercise. A standard Goldendoodle will require more room than a mini Goldendoodle.

Although both types can live in a small house or apartment, standard Goldendoodles can stay more fit and agile if they’re given plenty of exercises outside or by walking on a daily basis.

A bigger dog needs even more commitment from you, especially when considering how much time is required every day just getting them outdoors. They’ll need more space in order to avoid becoming bored or destructive at times.

Luckily there’s no problem living an apartment-based life if you are the owner of a standard Goldendoodle, only make sure your dog has access outside on walks every day.

Is Standard Goldendoodle Easily Available?

The standard Goldendoodle size is comparatively easier to develop for the breeder compared to the mini Goldendoodle. They are not as rare as their mini counterparts.

Mini Goldendoodle Size, Traits, and Characteristics

Mini Goldendoodle Size

The Mini Goldendoodle’s size and height are strikingly different from the Standard Goldendoodle. The weight of the Mini Goldendoodle is considered less than 30 pounds by most breeders. Mini Goldendoodles are the perfect combination of size, intelligence, wit, and an adorable personality.

They’re small enough to be handled comfortably by children or adults in the house. Despite their small size, they have all their playful energy to please everyone in the house.

These Mini Goldendoodles love being around people so they’ll thrive in homes where there is plenty going on or someone who can give them lots of attention whenever they desire.

Apparently, it looks easy to produce the Mini Goldendoodle’s breed by crossing a Miniature Poodle with a Goldendoodle. But in reality, it takes decades to produce mini Goldendoodles, especially the one that weighs up to 10-12 lb.

Actually, this process takes multiple backcrosses to purebred Miniature Poodles. They have more than 80 percent DNA of the Miniature Poodle than the Golden Retriever. That is how breeders produce very small-size mini Goldendoodles. This Goldendoodle size is not easy to develop and takes decades compared to other Goldendoodle sizes.

Standard Goldendoodle Size explained in detail

The question arises why do breeders have to do multiple backcrosses? Because in the first cross of a miniature Poodle and a Golden Retriever, you can never predict the size of the pups.

They might inherit the Golden Retriever’s size because the first cross means a 50/50 DNA split. But first, cross-generation is also good for those owners who are looking for the Golden Retriever’s traits as well in their pups.

However, if you’re looking forward to preserving what remains from one side mostly then go ahead and choose the Standard Goldendoodle instead since they’ll grow up more resembling their Golden Retriever roots.

The Mini Goldendoodle is an adorable, small version of a very popular breed. They’re great for traveling because they can fit in a carrier under your seat and are less likely than larger breeds to get car sickness when you travel by car!

mini Goldendoodle puppy Size

They also make great companions on flights as most will fit under an airline seat comfortably! However, these pups may be more likely than larger breeds towards throwing up simply because there isn’t room left over from all that eating when we get off the plane.

A Miniature Golden Retriever is less overwhelming Goldendoodle size – meaning it’ll take longer before he knocks down kids at playtime (although this could still happen).

Mini Goldendoodles are the perfect dogs for those who want to have an adorable pup with some major personality. The little mini Goldendoodles guys can be controlled easily on a leash, they love baths just as much as getting into a car or going out clubbing.

They are the perfect dog for those who want a small, easy-to-care household pet, and comparatively, they need less food than larger breeds. Their small size can also get you a discount at the dog parlor.

The mini Goldendoodle size makes them more affordable than larger breeds so if you’re looking at adopting this wonderful pet look no further because mini Goldendoodles will steal your heart from day one.

mini Goldendoodle size

Mini Goldendoodles are a perfect fit for families with children. These small dogs have moderate energy levels and can be quite vocal, but they become very impatient with kids. Sometimes these little ones become very irritable around young kids who aren’t mindful of their energy levels.

Overall they are not as patient or athletic as larger breeds are.

Is Mini Goldendoodle Easily Available?

Mini Goldendoodle dogs are not easily available, and they are very expensive as well. The breeder of mini Goldendoodle will always put you on the waitlist. The smaller the Goldendoodle Size the harder to breed.

Medium Goldendoodle Size, Traits, and Characteristics

Medium Goldendoodle young puppy size

The medium Goldendoodle is a pup that’s been bred to have both the Goldendoodles sizes and personalities of mini and standard Goldendoodles. They can come in any variety, but they tend towards being larger than mini Goldendoodles at around 30-50 lbs on average. This breed is developed by multiple backcrosses to miniature or standard Poodles.

Medium Goldendoodles are a great fit for families who want the best of both worlds. They have more manageable Goldendoodle size when it comes to walking on leashes, traveling, etc., and easygoing personalities too.

Medium goldens tend to be fairly bigger than mini Goldendoodles. The difference in size between the two breeds depends more on mini Goldendoodles’ size as it varies from one breeder to another. 

Adult Medium Goldendoodle size

Medium Goldends are our top car travel choice because they have a very suitable body size which helps them stay seated better during long rides in cars. Although they will not only fit into smaller vehicles if needed, these dogs can sometimes act more easygoing than other Goldendoodles breeds.

They may justly suit some families’ needs, especially those who want less intensity from their pet and still maintain a happy mood.

Sometimes you have to pick up your dog in case of a traffic emergency or an attack by a larger dog especially while you are walking on the roadside or in the park with your dog. Don’t worry you can easily do it even if you have an average body frame. 

For small-sized people, It might become difficult to pick up medium Goldendoodles, and for those who are facing some kind of debility. 

Medium Goldendoodle size

Medium Goldendoodles are often the perfect fit for active owners who move around a lot and also want a companion on jogs and other adventures. They are the perfect blend of acceptably large size and energy.

They can be a good substitute for a Standard Goldendoodle if you are concerned about weight and size and if you think you might not be able to pick up a standard one.

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Medium Goldendoodles come from a blend of Golden Retrievers, Miniature Poodles, and Standard Poodles. This can result in size differences as well as varying personalities.

Make sure you ask your breeder about the exact lineage of your pup so that when it comes time to buy one there’s nothing wrong behind it (or ahead).

Goldendoodles are mainly a three-size breed that can be adopted by most families. We find the medium goldie to work well in many situations and they’re just right for you and your family. 

The medium Goldendoodle size is the most versatile of the three sizes. They can be found to work well in many different settings and offer an excellent balanced personality.

We want to make one thing quite obvious every dog is an individual with his own personality, quirks, and more. Our descriptions of each Goldendoodle size are generalized based on the history of the breed as a whole.

Your pup’s family tree matters just as much as anything else. Your pup’s family tree is unique, and so is personality science. So before you get your new best friend from a breeder or an online seller make sure to research your pup’s family history first.

Medium Goldendoodle size in detail

There are many different generations of Goldendoodles out there, each has its own upside and downside. The calm demeanor of a standard Goldendoodle might attract one family but a large Goldendoodle size can be very unattractive to another family.

The mischievous mini Goldendoodle would certainly attract kids and adults alike but a medium Goldendoodle may attract more families because they are a combination of two different Goldendoodle sizes.

Therefore finding the right one for you and your family can be difficult. Finally, it boils down to where you buy your pup, so make sure you purchase from a reliable Goldendoodle breeder who has a long history of breeding this dog. And don’t forget to borrow his professional advice before you make your final decision.

Is Medium Goldendoodle Easily Available?

The medium Goldendoodle size dog is in very high demand nowadays. They are also not easily available. Although they are not very rare like mini Goldendoodles the demand for this Goldendoodle size is very high.

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