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What is a Micro Goldendoodle?

Featured Image Micro Goldendoodle

The micro-size dog trend has become increasingly popular in the Poodle mix breed dogs, especially in recent years. The mini micro Goldendoodle is bred for this purpose by using the Miniature Poodle and the Golden Retriever.

This new addition to the doodle family is called micro because of its microminiature size which can be up to 12 inches tall at the shoulder. Although this adorable breed of dog may look like a teddy bear, they come with significant health risks that you should be aware of before making your expensive purchase.

The breeders of micro mini Goldendoodle claim that this micro mini Groodle is smaller than the legal size paper (8.5 x 14 inches). Although Goldendoodle breeders’ claims about the size of the micro mini Goldendoodles are not always accurate.

The micro mini Goldendoodles are the cutest breed of dog you will ever see, but there is something concerning about their health and the way they are bred and created. They take a long time to breed and can be very expensive. The more healthy and ethically bred micro mini Goldendoodles take even decades. 

micro Goldendoodle puppy

Table of Content:

How big will a micro Goldendoodle get?

How do you get micro Goldendoodles?

Do micro mini Goldendoodles have health issues?

How much does a Micro Goldendoodle puppy cost?

Do micro mini Goldendoodles shed? Are they hypoallergenic?

Our Two Cents on Micro Goldendoodle

How big will a micro Goldendoodle get?

The newly bred micro Goldendoodle is around 10-12 inches tall and can weigh up to 6-12 pounds. It’s smaller than other sizes of the Goldendoodle breeds, but it still offers all those adorable looks of Goldendoodles.

This little doodle has gained popularity, especially in the last few years. The stunning looks of Micro Goldendoodle make him look like a designer’s dog.

Although there are three broad categories of Goldendoodle Breed, the mini Goldendoodle weighs less than 30 pounds, the medium Goldendoodle weighs less than 45 pounds, and the standard Goldendoodle weighs more than 45 pounds.

You can say the micro Goldendoodle breed is the smallest of all Goldendoodle breeds. They are also known by a few other names like Micro Mini Goldendoodles and Micro Petite Goldendoodles.

The micro Goldendoodle is a smaller, more compact version of the toy and teacup Goldendoodles. The Goldendoodle breeders created the term micro for marketing purposes so this newly created Goldendoodle’s size can be marketed too.

They specifically wanted to differentiate it from toy and teacup breeds of Mini Goldendoodles.

micro Goldendoodle

The sizes of micro mini Goldendoodle dogs vary depending on what breeder you buy them from, but they’re usually listed as mini, medium, and standard. The Goldendoodles are crossbred dogs and for that reason, it is very difficult to predict the size of these dogs.

As we have already discussed the three broad categories of the Goldendoodle breed below we have created a chart of Goldendoodle’s categories divided mainly by their sizes.

How do you get micro Goldendoodles?

Many people consider the act of creating a micro Goldendoodle to be unethical and cruel. In order for this tiny breed, you need an original small Golden Retriever crossed with Toy Poodles.

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Breeders also crossbreed a female Mini Goldendoodle with a male miniature Poodle to get this wonderful breed called mini micro Goldendoodle.

micro mini goldendoodle

However many health problems can arise when breeding these two reduced-size dogs together such as short leg syndrome or knee disorders caused by compact bone structures in their joints. In some cases, it makes it extremely difficult (if not impossible) for them to walk normally without pain all day long.

That is one of the reasons Micro Goldendoodles are extremely difficult to breed. In addition, people consider these micro mini Goldendoodle dogs unethical because of how hard it is for them. And there isn’t much room in the world when you consider all animals that exist naturally versus those created by humans such as lab rats or factory-farmed creatures (even though someone might argue against this).

To create one yourself you need an original small Golden Retriever parented with a Toy Poodle. Then over several generations only reproduce smaller offspring who will eventually become what we call micro Goldendoodles.

On the contrary, unethical breeders prefer runts to create micro mini Goldendoodles. They basically choose the smallest pups from the different litters of Goldendoodles.

These pups are basically undersized due to some health issues. They are further bred to produce small-size puppies, and these puppies inherit health issues from their parents.  

Do micro mini Goldendoodles have health issues?

micro petite Goldendoodle

Micro Goldendoodles are more prone to a variety of health issues than their larger counterparts. Veterinarians agree that these small breeds are at a higher risk for certain illnesses and conditions such as hydrocephalus (water on the brain), patella luxation an injury to a dog’s knee joint which can lead mini micro Goldendoodles into arthritis later down the life.

Liver shunts are another health condition where part of your micro mini Goldendoodle’s blood flow goes elsewhere because there isn’t enough room inside their small body so it starts traveling outside through channels called renal veins.

We have mentioned several other health issues of micro Goldendoodles below.

  • Digestive problems
  • Periodontal disease
  • Heart-Related Issues
  • Vision Problems
  • Respiratory Problems
  • Seizures

How much does a Micro Goldendoodle puppy cost?

Micro mini Goldendoodle size may be extremely small, but the cost of these puppies is very high. It’s not uncommon to see micro-sized Goldendoodles sell for more than $5k.

Some can even go up as high as five figures! On average you’ll find that a micro Goldendoodles pup will typically have an increased price point over its larger counterparts due in part to both how difficult they are bred (more work), a demand which seems ever present with all things cute and hypoallergenic.

micro Goldendoodle playing

Do micro mini Goldendoodles shed? Are they hypoallergenic?

The micro Goldendoodle is a perfect pet for those who want to have the cutest companion around but don’t necessarily need something that sheds all over them or introduces allergies into their life.

The micro min Goldendoodles don’t shed, they’re hypoallergenic so you won’t have to worry about allergies from their hairballs or dander (dandruff). These little dogs also come without much shedding making them perfect for people who suffer from asthmatic conditions like asthma.

Because it’s less likely that they will trigger reactions in those individuals when allergy symptoms arise due to being hyper-sensitive already.

micro Goldendoodle playing fetch

Our Two Cents on Micro Goldendoodle

The micro petite Goldendoodle is a small and adorable dog that was bred somewhat unethically if not illegally by choosing the runt of the litter. Next, these dogs suffer from several genetic defects because they’re so tiny.

On the positive side, they are the best small dogs for you if you have allergies, the micro mini Groodle is a nonshedding hypoallergenic dog breed. The micro Goldendoodle is a very expensive small dog breed, they can even cost over $5k. So before you decide whether or not this will be your newest pup (micro+small), do some research into what kind of price range suits you best.

Maybe there’s another breed out there better suited for your lifestyle needs than just trendy looks alone.

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